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Pipe root

by Walt Oglesby
(Hahira, Georgia)

I got another question. I started tig pipe Tuesday and need a better way to do a root pass. I usually run it with Thoriated tungsten but i switched to ceriated if i need to .1/4 plate, 3/32 tungsten, 100amps, 3/32 rods, argon 20 cfm, slight movement side to side, with a bout 45 degree bevel, 1/8 gap and 3/32 landing. I was reading about beveling at 37.5 no landing and run straight down the middle free hand on just enough heat to meat everything together. the only problem is that it didn't say either to add filler or not witch isn't a big problem but i was wondering how all you pipe welders do your tig root and if anybodys ever tried the no gap thing (im sheltered and don't know how common it might or might not be)
Thanks again Angus



I would suggest 37.5 land, and 1/8 gap.

use either a 1/8 and leave it in using just enough heat to tie everything together.

or use a 3/32 rod and dip with side to side movement....just enough heat to keyhole a bit before filling it in with rod.

anyone else got any tips on this?



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