Pipe rooting in 6010

by Scott
(Suffolk, VA)

Jody, I've read through lots of your articles, and have sat for hours to watch your videos, but haven't seen any mention of pushing in 6010 on a root pass for pipe. The way I was taught to stick weld pipe was instead of whipping a 6010 rod forward and back, like you would do on structural members, turn the heat down a little and push it into the root. For instance, 4" carbon, Sch. 40, the land is ground to a knife edge, and the gap is 3/32". With the machine set at about 85-90 amps, you push a 1/8" 6010 rod into the root, uphill progression, until you hear a roaring coming from inside the pipe, and all of the sparks and arc disappear into the pipe. There is a tiny keyhole behind the rod and the puddle fills right in behind it. If done right, you can actually take your shield off and not get flashed. It lays a bead about 1/16" to 1/8" high inside, like a stack of dimes, but doesn't fill much on the outside. Depending on the test administrator, you either run a straight bead hot pass and stringer cap, or a fill/ cap single pass weave, (both with a 3/32" 7018, no heat change). Did I miss one of your videos?


Scott, no you didnt miss anything..
I dont have a single video on root pass with 6010

This is another video on a very long to do list.

But Thanks very much for the post, I can picture it well from your description.

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