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"Welding Schools - check out the Free Tuition below. "

Pipe Welding kind of gets in your blood. Even after being away from the pipe industry for years, ( I am in the more subdued commercial aviation industry now) seeing welds like this gives me wood.

OK not really, but it's kind of the same feeling you get when you see a really cool chopper built by Billy Lane, or Jesse James.

Its called pride of workmanship, attention to detail, and being willing to add final touches that are not really necessary but add to the appearance of the finished product.

Did you notice the straight wagon track file marks that border the weld? Sure a grinder would have been quicker, but the file marks look much nicer than a bunch of random grinding scratches.

The weld is smooth, uniform and sound. Not too wide, and not too high. Like a wedding band of boot laces.

This welder has probably taken many pipe welding certification tests.

I read a bunch of the comments and its obvious he loves welding some pipe. That's awesome.

He stuck with it, and was determined to be good at it. Says he even practiced at home on coke cans. How many welders do that? I tell newbie tig welders to practice feeding the wire while they watch TV..

How many do it? not too many.

This guy has had some good training too but training will only go so far. You gotta want it to get this good.

You can learn to weld pipe like this at a technical college but you really have to be careful and choose a good one that teaches pipe.

A lot of welding programs these days have been standardized to fit some states university system model (another way of saying "dumbed down") and do not even offer pipe as part of their welding training.

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology-aka Hobart Welding School offers an excellent pipe welding program. There is also a new welding school that advertises free tuition in return for agreeing to work for 24 months at a reduced rate (about 18 bucks an hour).

The school is called WEC welding institute and they currently have locations in Rock Hill SC. and Chattanooga, TN

Maybe you didn't understand what you just read.

FREE tuition. Sure you work for a bit less for 24 months while you are gaining experience. But you are not in debt from paying tuition, and you have a job waiting for you when you graduate.

For a young man or woman wanting a career in welding, that is like the biggest no brainer in the history of no brainers.

Sorry I got off on a tangent there...Its how I roll.
exit pipe welding and pipe welds and see more about welding schools

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