pits or slag in my root test plate

by chuck
(cape coral fl)

i have been practicing to take 3g test when i take my backing off and grind it down i see pits in my root pass.i cant tell if its slag orunder cut? i am using flux core wire 045 with gas i am running wire speed270 and volts at 22.5 any suggestion would be appreciated.

thanks chuck


flux core can be very sensitive to both voltage and stickout.

try lowering the voltage by only one half a volt to avoid those worm tracks.

also stickout matters too.

for bare wire mig, a short stickout important.

but for flux core , a longer stickout usually works better.

if you can, go to the manufactures web site and look up the data sheet for the particular wire.

there is usually a wealth of information on voltage, wire speed, techniques etc.

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