Portable Bandsaw Stand - Simple Plans for how to make a portable band saw stand

This Page courtesy of Dave Tipton...Thanks Dave.

Any of you "Do it your selfers" might be interested in this project I built last year. I wanted a band saw to cut metal but all of them I found were too big and took up too much room. I saw a contractor using a "Milwaukee Porta Saw", which is a hand held saw for cutting pieces of pipe etc, and thought this is it! They are like $300.00 but I got a used one on Ebay for less than $100.00. Here is basic saw, note black tiny table on lower left of picture.

I took the table off and replaced it with an aluminum one (Home Made)

Made a stand out of square tubing and band iron. Got some rubber feet from Home Depot.

Finished saw ready for toggle switch to replace the trigger switch.

Surprisingly it can cut a pretty tight radius in wood (It is actually a metal saw) with ease. And it cuts effortlessly. The blade speed is actually pretty slow compared to a table band saw which is great because it doesn't tend to grab things from you and throw them.

Since it is actually designed for metal, this is the best part. We all know how much a hacksaw takes out of you just cutting a couple of pieces and this cuts super accurately and is controllable with ease. note the sliver piece of metal it cut off this band iron.

Tiny cuts and accuracy are great! I even cut up a 2" thick piece of foam rubber pad to make some things, I thought it would grab the rubber and try to pull it in the blade but it cut it perfect. Anyone practicing welding knows it is a pain to cut like 4" sections of band iron into plates to practice with, seriously, this thing just cut each piece of 1" band iron in approximately 4 seconds each . Sure beats a hack saw!

When I'm done with it, just brush it off, pick it up with one hand and under the workbench it goes. I have seen a couple similar saws on the market but they are pretty cheap and "Not as cool", Milwaukee makes great machinery. This is one of my favorite tools now. leave this portable band saw stands page visit home page

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