Welding Tables- Strong Hand Tools Portable Welding Table is called the "Nomad"

In a previous page, I wrote about A welding table made by Strong Hand Tools..
In the video about Welding Tables, I said I was going to buy and review the portable nomad welding table made by Strong Hand Tools...

nomad portable welding table
foldable welding table

I'll bet some of you thought I was full of crap when I said I was going to buy 2 Nomad portable welding tables and review them.

I really didn't need them. But when it comes to tools, Who needs a reason??....right??

I just wanted a couple of portable welding tables that I could hang up on the wall when not being used.

I saw the Nomad welding table at the AWS welding show in Chicago and it looked pretty well designed. So when I got home and started looking at the video I shot, I thought What the heck? , and so I bought 2 of them.

I put my tables together and right away I thought of some things they will be very useful for.

What about my welding table extension??

I had to call the folks at Strong hand tools to see whats up with the extension because it wasn't listed on Northern's website. and it wasn't even in the strong hand tools catalog.

I wanted to order the extension leaf shown in the video. The one I saw at the 2009 AWS welding show.

now i have 2 of them and an extension to join them together...one from Stronghand and a homemade one.

Aluminum Diamond Plate is cool

I decided to make my own welding table extension out of diamond plate.

Normally, the best way to make something like this would be to use a sheet metal brake and then to only weld the corners.

But sometimes welding the whole thing is more fun.

What I liked about the Nomad portable welding table:

* Lightweight even though it weighs about 45 pounds, it is still easily handled and lifted

* Wheels and handle allow for easy moving around

* Easy assembly…took only about 45 minutes to put both of them together

* Price..pretty reasonable 

* I can also buy a clamping set designed to work with the Nomad table

What I didn’t like:

* I think 11 ga would have been better and not much heavier than the 14 ga the top is made from

* Tilting the table requires both hands

* Really the only other thing is that I wanted the extension and I couldnt order it right away. Mine will work ok once I drill matching holes so it will bolt on. I will be doing some small stainless steel food grade welds in the future and will use the aluminum surface top for that.


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