Pos to Neg ?

I have run into a problem regards cheaper chinese welders re instructions ?
They state that electron flow from tungsten to work is + flow and from work to tungsten is - flow ??
From my readings (very new to tig) it's in fact the opposite ? Correct ?
It would also appear that the balance on the control on chinese machine is increasing the + percentage as it turns clockwise (cleaning) wheras on the lincoln for example the clockwise direction is the opposite (penetration)
Is there a standard for this control or is it up to the maker as to if the control increases neg or pos percentage ?
Excellent informative site and appreciated to me the novice Cheers-------


good call,

you are right. current flow is from neg to pos.

that is why when the machine is set to dcen electrode neg, the current flows from electrode to work.

also on the ac balance, you are right again.
my Everlast machine is backwards from others.

once I got used to that, i could deal with it but it would seem there would be a standard...apparently, there is no standard.

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