position and angles for noobs?

by Dayne Ryan Burrell
(Deer Park Wa.)

im a noob to tig welding and so far i have fallen in love with it but its been giving me a lot of trouble.

i do not know much about angles does anyone know what angle im supposed to have when welding a horizontal "T" joint? ive been getting massive under cut and my instructor just keeps telling me to add the filler rod at the top of the bead but i think hes full of it! my angle ive been using is about 30 degrees,

dont laugh at me ok im only 17 years old and new to tig.

plz help me out!



here is my 2 cents.

people new to tig welding almost always need to work on 2 things...

torch angle and arc length.

the bottom line is this...use as little of each as you can

a tight arc length on a horizontal tee will let you pinpoint the heat in the corner without just welding hotter.

you need a slight torch angle but you almost always wind up with more than you think as you progress down the joint..so in your mind, try to limit it to less than 10 degrees,

thanks for the post,


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