Power mig 210mp for Mig, Stick, Flux Core, lift arc tig, and spool gun aluminum welding

The Lincoln power mig 210mp is a multiprocess welder that can do mig, stick, flux core, lift arc Tig, and spool gun aluminum welding.

I have logged quite a bit of time on my 210mp now and have done all of the above processes and have worked with my friend JD Brewer while he used his 210mp to weld all kinds of stuff.

Mig Welding

.030" diameter wire is probably the most versatile size wire for a small mig welder.

Anything from thin auto body panels to around 1/4" thick steel can be welded with .030" er70s6.

But there is a point where .035" works better.

I welded a 1/4" lap joint for this video using the default settings for 3/16".

It came out ok, But when I switched to .035" the results were even better.

There is a range for each diameter wire and once you get outside that range, results are not optimum.

19 volts, 330 ipm and around 20cfh of c25 gas worked ok with .030" wire.

20 volts and 290 ipm worked good with .035" wire.

Stick Welding (smaw) shielded metal arc welding

If a welder can burn a 1/8" 7018 rod at 140 amps without overheating, then you are not limited by your welder  for welding thick metal.

Multipass welds using 1/8" 7018 are common in heavy industry.

Sure its faster to use larger diameter electrodes or even a process like dual shield flux core, but at least you can get the job done with a 1/8" 7018 rod.

The 210 will not work with 6010.  But it works fine using a 6011 which is very similar to 6010.

I used a 6011 on a garage door repair running the 210mp off a 20 amp breaker and a drop cord and it did a fine job without kicking the breaker.

71m outershield flux core welding

Dual shield flux core is a much faster way to weld than Stick Welding.

That is because travel speed is faster and there is no time lost changing rods.

A 8 inch lap joint took almost twice as long to weld with stick as it did using dual shield...That adds up on a big job.

An 8 inch lap joint took only 54 seconds using dual shield but took almost 2 minutes using stick welding.

On a large project where there are thousands of inches of weld, the time savings can be tremendous...and when you are the one either losing or making money on the job, it can be the difference between a profit or a loss.

Lift arc TIG Welding

Lift arc and scratch start Tig welding are used quite a lot for TIG welding socket welds as well as open butt pipe welds.

I made a video quite a while back welding socket welds using the lift arc tig function of the 210mp.

Welding Aluminum with a Spool Gun off a Generator

The 210mp runs well off a generator. Not all welders do.


The link above is for amazon where you can read reviews and compare pricing. 

if you find a better price elsewhere by all means get the best deal you can.

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