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Prerunner Bumper for My Truck/SUV

by Nick cameron
(Folsom CA,)

tack it into the crossmember and tack on the main

tack it into the crossmember and tack on the main

ok so i have wanted some off road bumpers for my truck and all the ones online were about 1,000 bucks but im 17 and i make about 500 a month and i pay for gas and tickets and whatnot. so i went down to one of my friends work which is a steel working shop and bought 1 3/4 .120 wall steel tube and payed 40 dollars even. i bought 20ft of it to be exact. all i did was take off the stock bumper and located my crossmember. i tacked in the first 2 beams then i taked in the main beam measuring twice cutting one million times.. it took some time because i was doing this with zero help from my dad because he use to be a welder but he was sick .so i got everything in all the supports the main and all the beams and skid plate. this project made my truck look better and it is super strong. it also made my welding skills go way up from watching all these welding tips and trick videos....

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