Primeweld 325x TIG welder

If you need 325 amps and have a budget, the primeweld 325x tig welder might be a great choice for you.

Here are several videos I have made using the 325x

I like the digital readout feature on the primeweld tig 325x. It makes setting pulse rates easier.  

water cooled package shown below with ck 20 torch

primeweld 325 package with cooler
tig kits banner 1

The PrimeWeld 325X TIG welder is a high-performance machine.

Here are some important specifications for the PrimeWeld 325X TIG welder:

### Important Specifications

1. **Power Input**:
- **Dual Voltage**: 120 and 240V single-phase input power.

2. **Amperage Range**:
- **DC Output**: 5 to 325 amps.
- **AC Output**: 10 to 325 amps.

3. **Duty Cycle**:
- **60% at 325 amps**: Allows for longer welding sessions without overheating.

4. **AC/DC Capability**:
- **AC (Alternating Current)**: Used for welding aluminum and magnesium.
- **DC (Direct Current)**: Used for welding steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, titanium, cobalt alloys, and other metals.

5. **Pulse Function**:
- Adjustable pulse settings for controlling heat input and improving weld quality on thin materials. digital readout works for pulse settings for easier setting to exact pulse frequencies

6. **High-Frequency Start**:
- HF start for easy arc initiation without contaminating the tungsten electrode.

7. **Foot Pedal Control**:
- Comes with a foot pedal for precise control of the welding amperage during operation.

8. **AC  settings**:
- Adjustable AC balance and frequency settings to optimize the cleaning action and penetration when welding aluminum.  Digital readout for more accurate and repeatable settings

-Adjustable AC frequency setting up to 300hz Digital readout for more accurate and repeatable settings

9. **Display and Controls**:
- Digital display for easy monitoring of settings.
- Intuitive control panel for adjusting parameters such as amperage, pulse, and AC balance.

10. **Cooling System**:
- Available with a  cooling system to prevent overheating and ensure consistent performance.  plug in back of machine that powers water cooler.

11. **Torch Type**:
-  compatible with either air cooled or water-cooled torches. 

the 325 does does not automatically include a torch.  Because a lot of folks prefer a certain water cooled torch or already have one, the torch option can be selected upon purchase.

12. **Gas Flow Control**:
- Pre and Post gas flow controls for optimal shielding and weld quality.

13. **Weight and Dimensions**:
- **Weight**: Approximately 75 pounds, making it relatively portable for a shop welder. But not so portable for taking on a job site.

- **Dimensions**: Compact design for easy transport and storage.

14. **Additional Features**:
- **2T/4T Switch**: Two-touch/four-touch control with upslope and downslope options for varying welding styles and preferences.

- **Pre-flow and Post-flow Gas Control**: Adjustable timing for shielding gas before and after the arc to protect the weld area.

15. **Accessories Included**:
- Typically comes with a  foot pedal, ground clamp, argon regulator, and possibly other accessories.

16. **Warranty and Support**:
- Usually comes with a 3-year warranty and access to customer support for troubleshooting and repairs.

### Summary

The PrimeWeld 325X TIG welder is a powerful and versatile machine suitable for a wide range of welding applications, from thin gauge materials to thicker sections of aluminum and steel. Its combination of high amperage capacity, advanced controls, and robust duty cycle makes it a reliable choice for both professional and hobbyist welders. The ability to fine-tune welding parameters such as AC balance and pulse settings provides excellent control over the welding process, ensuring high-quality welds across various materials and thicknesses.

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