pulsed stick

by david

if you have a pulsed tig welder this is especially helpful for stick welding on vertical up and overhead and tight spaces where contactor control and high freq start (also solves the restart problem) will stop all unwanted arc strikes and flashing your self
you can use the rod sized collet and use the appropriate polarity and remember to turn off the argon.

or you can just rig up a stinger with a remote contactor

for starters i'd just suggest 50% background amperage (any less and it likes to stick at low pps) and 50% on time and set the peak amperage about 40% more than usual for that rod size,then the pulses per second is up to you, about 1 pps is real good for a 6010 root its the lazy weldors whip and 2 pps is good for making 7018 weld almost as fast and look like a whipped mig, then 10 or more pps is good for overhead and vertical up and overall it makes beads look better because the globular transfer is in controlled intervals stacking the ripples more evenly and makes the puddle "stick" where you put it just like with tig at the same pps

dont knock it till you try it, and no, it wont fry that pricey tig welder, its just a matter of stick running at more volts than tig causing duty cycle to go down and power consumption to go up, so just keep that in mind if your planning on running all day on a breaker 10 or 20 amps to small for your machine at your machines tig duty cycle



i have got to try this



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