Pulser options

Hi, I have a new miller syncrowave 250 dx and have been looking at pulser options, the pulser says it varies from .25 to 10 hz for the syncrowave 250's is this going to play any benefit ? I heard that the pulser is basically good at only 1 hz or above 30 hz, so would I be wasting my money ? and I see that the sequencer is also another option would this play any benefit as I am so used to using the pedal?


I would discourage getting a pulser for you machine. I thing it will drive you nuts and not provide any real help.

newer inverter machines can pulse at much higher rates like 500 pps. I see a help at 30 and above for welding near an edge and for focusing the arc.

10 pps will only make you want to quit welding

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