Argon Purge Box Part 2

(click here to see part 1 of making a small argon purge box)

This is part 2 of  making an argon purge chamber.

This will be a very useful tool for tig welding small parts.

Whether you need to tig weld a gun part, modify a small wrench, fix a misdrilled hole, or weld a small part made out of titanium, ( like a titanium foot peg for a dirt bike)

...full argon shielding can help a lot.

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Have you ever seen a propane fire pit full of polished stones?

I am trying to use this idea , for a "proof of concept" idea. using some type of media as additional diffuser in a small argon purge box.


For Tig welding small parts like gun parts, or small parts made from titanium, a small purge chamber like the one above can be a great help.

Some uses for a small argon box

Tig welding a small part in a small argon box full of BBs.


Modifying a wrench by beveling and welding from both sides


tig welding titanium in a small argon box full of BBs


Now that I have proven the concept, I will experiment with other media.

maybe copper balls, stainless steel balls, glass beads, polished rocks, etc.

I think copper balls is going to be the best bet but I am having a hard time finding the right size.

A cheaper version argon bb box


My friend Jonathan Lewis, made a small purge chamber using simple and inexpensive materials.

A meat loaf pan, some annealed copper tubing, steel wool , and a few other items.

And his version actually worked quite well.

Use caution if you decide to give this a try

BBs are made of carbon steel and are copper coated.

There is a definite risk of contaminating stainless steel parts and there is also a real risk of melting BBs to the part being welded in this small purge box.

That is why I am going to try other materials...

I will post another video when I figure all that out.

Using a big Cup like the furick #12 (aka fupa 12) here or pic below to learn more about the #12 furick cup

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