by Ken
(Philadlphia, PA)

Great site! I'm a Lieutenant in the Philadelphia Fire Dept. assigned to a special operations company. One of the tasks we're charged with is cutting metal. We use an oxy-ace system & an ARC air cutter (which we train on often). Currently I'm putting together a reference manual for the firehouse and some cheat sheets to be carried with the unit. I was wondering what information you would suggest be included and where I can go to get some good to the point info. As firefighters we like to keep things simple and to the point. Thank you in advance for any info you might provide me with.


Thanks for the question Ken,

Some suggestions are:

Smith torch company makes good safety training materials for oxyfuel
safety training.

I have used the oxyfuel training dvd and it is very thorough. (maybe
even too thorough but you can certainly get some ideas for you own
training aides)

or if you want to really dig in, you can create an account and go thru
their distributor training program. It is really in depth training. If you want to be an expert, it is worth the time..

go to this page and create an account.

The only thing that i found on arcair cutting is a download page for
product information.
If you look thru the documents, you may find something valuable.,com_doclib/Itemid,237/

hope this helps,

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