Remote Amperage Control - Foot Pedal or Torch mounted?

remote foot control

i like the foot pedal

Remote amperage controls Which is better? a foot pedal or hand control?

Ok, you bought a Tig welding machine, a tig torch, some tungsten, and some tig welding rods. But what about a remote amperage control?

Should I buy a torch mounted hand amperage control or a foot pedal? That question may run through your head when you start looking at torch packages sold by Miller and Lincoln. One kit offers a foot pedal, the other offers a torch mounted amperage control.

The choice is simple. Unless you are in the business of welding marine tuna towers..., get a foot pedal amperage control.

You have much more control over the amperage,and they are more durable.

Even the best hand controls I have used were not as good as a foot pedal.

Another reason is that no matter how little, you still move the torch a little when you slide the switch or turn the dial. A little torch movement is not always a problem but sometimes it is.

Who needs any extra problems?

welding tuna towers

If you are going to be doing a lot of remote welding like on a tuna tower or chromoly airframe, you should probably get both...a foot pedal for bench work, and a torch remote for out of position work where dragging a foot pedal around is kind of a hassle.

Miller accessory kits usually have one or the other ..and the same with Lincoln.

I think the best idea is to start with a foot pedal and go from there.

welding chromoly airframe

Another option is to buy a cheap remote switch that fastens to your tig torch. Then at least you can do some quick tack welding in remote positions without dragging a foot pedal around.
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