repairing the tig root pass

I have welded with stick rod most of my life and am now trying to pick up TIG. I have found a lot of material on the internet about TIG welding, but no one talks about repairing the root pass. There is lack of penetration, excessive penetration, suck back, Etc.
I have welded long enough to know that you can`t weld day after day without repairs. Everyone has them sooner or later. If you run out of argon, you are going to have porosity.

I just about have the root pass down, but no one has ever talked about fixing the root pass. Any videos or discussion would be greatly appreciated.


I dont have any videos on repairing a root pass yet but the short of it is this...

lack of fusion is one of the most common flaws and can usually be fixed using a 1/16" thick grinding wheel.

Start by cutting a slot in the root and removing all the screwed up area.

then using the same grinding wheel , shave the weld metal gradually to re-contour the joint to original angle.

to clean out the inside, a tool can be shaped from a file with a hook on the end that can be inserted in the gap and then twisted to remove the burrs.

I will put this on the list of videos to do in the future.



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