Replacement 4x6 bandsaw stand from bed rail

by Brian
(North Central Florida)

To lay out this stand, put the saw base casting upside down on a table, bolt the rough-cut legs onto the casting, and adjust them symmetrical with a carpenter's square referenced against the casting. Then clamp, cover casting to protect from sparks, and weld. Leg in corner with on/off switch needs to be cut out around switch. Axle is original, with cotter pin holes drilled in different locations. "Camo" paint job is because I ran out of the Kelly green mid-paint and finished with the Spruce green, but I liked the look and put Spruce splatter everywhere. Saw balances better on wheels if swiveled to vertical. This was welded with 3/32" 6013 and a homemade stick welder made from a 300 pound Xenon arc lamp power supply rewired to single phase.

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