Rolling Stand For The 'Clutter Catcher'

by Mike C
(Lake Stevens, WA)

After seeing Jody's video review of's tool organizer, I knew it was made for me.

It's intended to bolt to a bench edge, but I wanted it to be mobile. Also, since we'll be moving to a smaller garage (with house attached), it needed to take minimal floor space.

The vertical support leans forward a bit to move the center of gravity forward to avoid tipping over backwards. It's very stable.

The front leg is hinged to fold up, has a magnet to keep it up and is locked in the down position with a pit pin.

On the back is a 3-plug power cord and a large carabiner.
When I'm not working on a project, the rack stores flat against the wall with the with the wheels locked, the leg folded up and the carabiner clipped to an eyebolt in the wall . Tools are still accessible, but out of the way.

Holds a lot of stuff in a small space.

Total cost $90.

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