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Scratch Start Tig Welding

by Todd
(Bath, PA)

I have a Muscle MIG welder made by Snap-On. I recently got the TIG attachments for it so I could give TIG welding a shot. Its a scratch start style. There is no pedal. Most people I've talked to say its a little harder to get a handle on. Do you have any tips or tricks (haha) for using this style?


with a scratch start tig rig, you can start the arc 2 ways,

like a match,

or prop the tig cup on the surface of the metal and rock the torch in slowly until the tungsten touches, and then rock back to a proper arc length.

it is harder to learn and you need to experiment with your amperage settings to keep from blowing holes.

start lower than you think you will need and adjust accordingly....its good to get a friend, wife, or girlfriend to work the amperage knob while you weld some different thicknesses and then write down the amperage that worked.

or just weld without filler on some scrap metal with one hand on the amperage knob ...and then write some notes for future jobs.

hope this helps,


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