Scratch start TIG

by Dave

I have never TIG welded before but have been Stick and MIG welding for many years.

How do you set up a scratch start TIG? Electrode Positive or Negative? Can you weld Aluminum? Can you use AC instead of DC? Why or why not. What can or can't you weld with it? I have a Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC buzz box.

Electrode Negative

No you will not be able to weld aluminum

AC wont work very well without a high frequency box which will cost more than the welder.

you wont have amperage control but just to give you an idea of what can be done, I welded a 18 ga steel parts washer tank once.

if you want to get into tig welding , since you already have the thunderbolt, all you need is an air cooled torch, a cylinder of argon, a reg/flowmeter.

you will need this stuff anyway if you decide to upgrade.

thanks for the post,


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