Seeing with bi or tri-focal glasses

by Bill Baedke
(Romeo, MI)

I am far sighted (69 years old) and need glasses to see up close. In fact, I need the tri-focals to be able to focus at the different distances. The problem is trying to see the weld up close thru the welding helmet. With bi or tri-foculs one has to tilt the head up to look thru the lower part of the corrective lens for up close. It works pretty good for most situations but the welding helmet cuts off the lower part so it does not work.

After trying several different ideas, I found the best for me was to put a magnifier lens in the helmet, then look thru the top part of my glasses (which for me are mostly without correction). For MIG welding, I use one magnifier and two (to get closer) for TIG. With an auto darkening lens, I can get my head in the proper position so everything is in focus, then just start welding. A few helmets might have a clip for the magnifier lens but maybe not two. I found masking tape works pretty well for securing one or two.

This way, when I tip up or remove the helmet, I still have my normal glasses on and can see at different distances, and the helmet seems to sit in the right spot to protect my neck.

If you are near sighted, there is probably a better way. Of course none of this was a problem when I was young and I could see at all distances without glasses. Just proves that I should have followed my father-in-laws advice: Not to get old.



thats what i do too.. it sucks to get old but i am thankful that at least i can use a cheater lense and see good enough to weld.

thanks for the post


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