stainles tube weld problem

by Jon Wilmot

Hi Jody ,love the site and your discs have arrived, im building a bathing platform for our boat, im a plumber so i bent the 316 tube(2.5mm wall) and have got rods to match, i have been practicing welds but struggle with consistency despite varying amps,gas(argon)and anything else i can think of, im grinding bevels and everything is clean, my welds are erratic, and tend to be more herringbone than dimes, i teach lead welding and can lay a stack perfectly in this, so you can imagine my frustration, i have a ten year old steel machine and 10 yr old argon is it me or the machine,my tips seem to go out of shape as well,hurry back im putting up a noose in the workshop.....Jon.


my guess is that not having the tubing purged makes the stuff flow like crap. stainless tubing in that thickness usually welds great for about 2 seconds until the oxidation from the back side pulls into the puddle and jacks everything up.

I remember some tips a guy named Mattias from Sweden sent in...they might help you.

tig welding stainless tubing

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