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Stainless steel pipe flange

I need to weld some 10" sch 10 304 pipe to some heavy flanges.
They will be welded on both sides of the flanges. I'm not sure what size tungsten to use, or amperage.

The pipe is thin and the flange is thick.I will be using 308 filler. and I have a light torch wp 20


you probably wont need to use more than 85 amps...maybe a little less.

you will also probably be weaving a bit and a good way to tell when you are using the right amperage is if the puddle kind of follows you when you weave other words, it starts to cool and follows the electrode.

if it does not follow the arc , its probably a little too hot.

for the inside weld, you may not be weaving so just enough amperage to make a fillet weld that is just big enough to nip the edge of the pipe.

again, i am guessing 80-85 amps keeping most of the heat on the heavy flange.

use color for your gauge, if it starts turning grey or black, you are too hot.

a 3/32 tungsten 2% thor will be fine

thanks for the post,


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