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Stainless Steel Tig Sculpture

by Sam Houston
(victoria BC Canada)

stainless steel welded sculpture

stainless steel welded sculpture

Hey jody, i love the work you put into this site and your videos, Keep doin what youre doin.

Anyways my name is Sam Houston and im 18 years old. I made these 3 structures for a "call for sculptures" entry near my city, this was my first time using the tig process and i was very happy with the way they came out.

All 3 pieces are made of 304 stainless steel,the smallest one is 10 feet, second largest is 14, and the tallest structure is 18 feet tall, and welded with an Everlast 250 EX that i just recently bought for projects like these, i hope to continue making pieces of sculpture for various places, maybe make it more of a career some day.

Thanks for checking it out

-Sam Houston

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