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Question about stainless steel welding with stick...

Hi, thanks for the help!

I'm self-taught, starting with a TERRIBLE Harbor Freight stick welder, but recently moving up to the Lincoln welder you show in your picture above. My welding dramatically improved with this machine!

Anyway, I would like to weld some 2" stainless steel tubing that I got from a friend's old above-ground pool. It will be for a leaning post in my boat. I believe it is 3/64" thick.

What welding rod would you recommend? What amperage would you recommend for the Lincoln?

From what I am reading, 1/16" rod may be the way to go for more control, but I have no idea what the different S.S. stick numbers mean. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.



The tubing is probably 304. so e308 rod will be your first choice but e316 would be fine also. If any rod has an "L" on the end of the numbering, that is fine,. it means low carbon. I am not sure if you can find 1/16" rods in stainless. If not go with 3/32 and use 50-60 amps. Fit up is going to be your challenge. If you can avoid big gaps and position the piece to weld slightly downhill, things will go better.

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Jody, First, thanks for the quick reply and help!

Fit-up should be almost air-tight. I have a chop saw, and can make exact, clean 45* angles. (I'm a carpenter by trade, and metal cutting is the same as wood, just a bit slower, and with sparks!) I also have a 2" hole saw to make the "ladder" connections very tight. I only need to make good welds with the appropriate sticks.

That little cheap welder really messed up my confidence. I probably need to get used to this new one for a while before tackling this project. It has more power at 75 amps than the other did at "110" amps. I did a few test welds, and couldn't believe how much more power this thing has.

I'll report on how my project turns out. Thanks again.

good luck, Pretty soon I am going to have an area on my site where people can post pictures and descriptions of projects and other stuff. I hope to have it up soon

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