stainless tube and copper tube gauge 20 to be fused together.

by emmanuel(bobby) sanchez
(Burnaby,B.C. Canada)

can a stainless tubing be welded to copper tubing using a GTAW tig welding? what amperage? and what kind of filler to be use?what kind of tugsten to be used?THANK"S A LOT!!!.


be careful here to make sure the application is suited because there is not much data out there on this. Silicon Bronze filler metal will work.

amperage depends on thickness but you will need to direct the arc on the copper. when it finally melts , it will try to melt the stainless big time so be ready to back off the amperage.

same tungsten as you would normally use for the stainless except maybe bigger depending on the thickness of the copper. a preheat of the copper with a propane torch might help as well.

good luck,

jody- wtt

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