Stainless weld dirty/grey???

by Ron
(Salem, MA)


Have enjoyed looking at your web site very much.
Took lessons 5 - 6 years ago when I retired, then bought a used Syncrowave 300.
Haven't use the welder for 3 -4 years, wanting to get back into it.
I'm trying to tig weld 1/16 stainless, getting dirty looking dark grey welds.
Machine set at; 60 amps, Argon flow = 30CFH, High Freq. @ start, AC bal. = 3, Start current = 2, DC reverse, Crater fill = out, Contactor and current = remote, using pre and post gas flow.
1/16 lath. electrode, .045 ER308 wire, 3/8 cup with gas lense.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Ron


Are you sure you are on DC reverse?

you need to be on DC Straight.

along with that, use a #7 cup, preferably a gas lens collet body, and only 15-20 cfh.

dont hang around too long in one place and try to keep the hot tip of the rod shielded.

let me know how this works,

thanks for the post,


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