Stainless weldments - Corrosion protection

by Donald Branscom

I have spent many years welding stainless steel for marine environments.

If you want the most professional look and corrosion protection
do not buff your weldments.

Instead take them to be electropolished.

It is a special process that is a MUST if you do not want your weldments to
have a rust line on them after 30 days and need to be rebuffed every 30 days.

You can Google electropolishing of Stainless steel and read all about it.

After you weld your parts do not touch them with a buffer or sander. Just get them electropolished and they will look boat show perfect and STAY that way for years.
One of the advantages is that all of the part gets treated even if a buffer will not
get into the nooks and crannys.

It is worth the cost and worth it for the looks and longevity of the weldment at sea.

And only use 316 stainless for the marine environment especially at or below the waterline.

I have welded thousands of parts, (not kidding) for the marine environment.

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