Starting the Puddle on any Join

by Richard Pece
(Deer Park, Australia)

Hi Jody - F'n Kick ASS site ... watched all the vids via YouTube, and decided to come and visit the site. My Dads been a welder for years, but I never really got into it. We have all sorts of welders.
I recently asked a friend to weld a support bracket on my Surge tank, but he f'd it up. So it pissed me off to a point where I decided to pick up the TORCH myself. Anyway after much reading and video watching last night, I spent the whole day stacking Beads !!
I'm using a Lincoln Precision 185. Has AC Balance, Pulse Freq and Post Flow adjustments, along with Current. the torch is fitted with a remote switch. After many ugly bead lines, it started to come together. Found a good setting for the balance, and the Pulse Freq. For my first day I stacked some pretty good beads. However, when I started to play with Joins, it all fell apart.
My problem is the starting Puddle. When I start the ARC on a Join, it just blows it away, Same happens on the edge. If I persist, it comes good, and I can easily lay dimes, but the start kills me. I cant figure it out, ITs like there is too much startup current, but I cant adjust that on this Welder. What do I do.... Cheers.


often times, getting started on the ends is a gas shielding issue. If the metal fuzzes up instead of getting shiny and wet, then there is air getting sucked in to the argon shielding.

maybe one size larger cup and a little more argon will help get things started.

also, some copper placed on the end to dam up the argon gas helps too.

hope this helps,


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