Stick Welding Test part 2

Click here to watch Stick Welding Test - part 1

Stick Welding Test Part 1 listed 10 tips for welding a root pass in a plate welding test as required by AWS D1.1 structural welding code.

This is Part 2 and now its time to fill and cap.

Wanna waste a few hours? just Google "stringer bead vs weaving" .

I can almost promise you will not walk away with a definitive answer.

AWS D1.1 is the structural welding code book. It does not mandate stringers or maximum bead width across the board for stick welding (shielded metal arc to be correct).

There are some stipulations for a maximum single pass weld as well as some width limits for flux core and mig. But for a stick welding test like this, its mostly going to depend on the job engineers and type of structure.

For the sake of improving your odds for a bend test or X ray...on a 3g stick welding test, if you are given the choice between running stringer beads or weaving, I recommend weave.

Weaving allows for a hotter puddle, and is less likely to give you trapped slag, inclusions, cold lap, porosity, etc.

Tensile pulls and charpy V notch tests for procedure qualification is a different story and stringers can provide better results.

Some welding test procedures specify stringer beads .

There is no across the board rule against weaving but some welding tests require running stringer beads for a variety of reasons.

It might be that the engineering authority was required to qualify a welding procedure for impact testing and stringer beads were used to do that..and so welding testing and field welding must follow what was originally used to qualify the procedure.

It might just be some requirement copied and pasted from some document... passed down from other engineers.

It doesn't matter. Its out of your control.

Your job is to be able to pass the test. Being able to do it both ways will give you more confidence , reduce the nervous factor, and increase your chances of passing.

Watch the video. Pause it where you need to and read the tips.

Rewind and watch it as many times as it takes to clear up anything you are having trouble with.

...and remember. I am just showing a few way of doing things. There are other methods that work too.

Try to keep an open mind and be willing to learn from anyone who is willing to show you something.

Feel free to watch the video above as many times as you want...after all , it's free.

Click here to watch Stick Welding Test - part 1

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