Structural Mig Welding?

by Peter Leydon

Hi, great video and the question I have relates to welding heavy structural beams together at right angles.
I am in the Uk on a 240 volt and hoped to purchase a welder that can plug in. I can hard wire for this project straight in to the 30 amp if need be.
I had a small toaster sized electrode inverter welder which worked well but had difficulty welding on the vertical and it often cut out using 4mm electrodes. Well, it just banged dead.
Can you advise on a welder and, whether mig or electrode would be the better. I am a beginner but have got some good results so far.
Beam thickness varies from 6mm thickness to 20mm thickness. (1/4'-3/4')
Thank you



for structural welding, Stick welding is probably your best bet.

Miller maxstar 150stl is getting good reviews.

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