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Stubby Gas Lens Kit

We decided to upgrade our best selling stubby gas lens kit with more options and turn into a 2.0 version.

Here is what makes our stubby gas lens kit new and improved…

  • * We added cup sizes so now it comes with  4,5,6,7, and 8 cups
  • * We replaced the 3/32” gas lens with a high quality  furick gas lens.
  • * We added o rings for use with clear furick cups

With our new improved Stubby gas lens kit, you can now use furick clear cups like the clear 8 pro, the jazzy 10, fupa12, and so on as well as ceramic versions of those cups without needing to purchase the furick adapter kit. ( this change alone saves you $24.99)

tig kits banner 1

Let's Talk Flow Rates for Different size cups

see the full article about argon flow rates, tig cups, and our stubby gas lens kit here


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