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sugar guestion

by Chainsaw
(Henderson KY)

Im working in a fab shop now welding stainless like 10 12 16 18 GA. Some is food grade I dont have a problem purging with argon. It is when I cant purge that is the issue. Like today , I had a peice of 16 GA 316 S.S. it had to have a full weld and food grade for Ragu.

I would weld one side of the joint flip it and weld the other side. First I used a piece of stainless plate to back the seam with.

It seemed to trap the gas and make a purge you know no sugar or very very little.
I welded the other side then. When I was done I turned the piece over and the weld penetrated through my weld and sugared my work.

How do I control this?


Get some 1/4" copper tubing and crimp one end.

drill 1/16" holes about every 3/8" in a straight line.

attach argon line to end of hose and set flow to where you can feel it softly flowing out of the holes.

use aluminum tape to attach to back side of weld to purge the weld.

hope this helps,

use Aluminum tape to place the tubing

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