syncrowave or invertor

by George

I love the idea of an inverter machine but cannot afford one unless I go Chinese. The Everlast 250EX has gotten good reviews and is in the price range that I can afford. I also have a chance to get a Syncrowave 200 for about the same price, not an invertor but a great machine. Which is a better buy? The hope that the Chinese machine holds up or big blue.

In test equipment it is always the switches in Chinese equipment. The cheap things they use to get the price down. American test equipment on the other hand is expensive to repair but seems to last much longer. So is this the case with the Chinese Tig? The switches look cheap but I have heard it welds great. Big Blue is expensive but should last a lifetime...

Which is the better deal? More bells or solid machine?


If you can get a syncrowave 200 for about the same price, that sounds like a winner.

I dont really know about the switches but what you say sounds about right. Some of the components are probably cheaper....but they do weld good.

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