tapered nozzle or straight w/ open root?

by Bill

Hey guys, I've really got a concern and I know that its probably just the technique i'm using. when welding an OPEN ROOT v-groove 1/8th by 1/8th; 1/2 " SS plate in the OVERHEAD position I am finding that I can't seem to get sufficient root reinforcement( on the TOP side). I keep getting a serious convexed appearance. I've done just fine w/ the vertical position using a straight nozzle, but I've tried just about everything.The test that i am taking requires that you stay within the parameters so changing the gas and root specs and volt ranges are not permitted. Any advice would be seriously appreciated.
I have been welding for 12 years, cerified in 1"smaw,1"fcaw,SS smaw and now i'm half way through my fcaw SS; my parameter settings are as follows using an idealarc sp 200 w/ 75/25 mix; gas flow range is 35-40,
WFS is 325 - 425, volts are24-27 and I'm using a dual shielding process involving a SS308lt1-4 .045 fcaw SS wire. I REALLY appreciate it. SomeOne , Anyone,
Thanks I'll take a picture tomarrow(monday)



without seeing it, my 2 suggestions are less land on the bevel ( your land or ...the flat face ground on the bevel, if i understood right was 1/8"...that sounds a but much)

the other one is gun angle, using more of a drag/pull angle will usually help push more root .

also, too much weaving on the root will make it concave also so if you are wiggling side to side, try to set the machine where you can keep that to a minimum.


anyone else got anything?

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Feb 27, 2011
thanks Jody
by: bill

Jody, thanks for posting a reply so promptly, I'm not sure but I'll check w/ instructor but I think I'm gonna have to stay within the parameters, what about the tip though should I be concerned about the taper.?

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