thin wall sockets to 6g...

by J Reed
(New Orleans)

At my last job i was a pipewelder apprentice (shipyard) and was taught how to stick fillet welds using low hydrogen and 309 stainless steel rods, and was taught how to tig thin wall socket welds and fillet welds using carbon steel (70s3) stainless and copper nickel rods.

Now ive been outta work since aug 09 and about to practice for 2 weeks at a local tech school to take a 6g test.

Is it possible to learn stick and tig in this position, and possibly pass x-ray? dont know specs to test, but i believe tig root and hot pass and stick (6010 or 7018) stringers and cap off. I just wanna be ready and confident!

Yes its possible.

I believe you will do it...

my best tip is to learn all you can beforehand so that you can practice the right stuff.

thanks for the post,


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