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by Mohammad

I am a tig welding learner and have Lorch H150.
The problem I am facing is that during welding the arc flashes very bright and I can not see the joint and the puddle. If anyone from this Forum can identify the problem and give a solution. All the parameters are kept in consideration.




it sounds like you are using an autodarkening welding helmet and it is losing its signal and going to light shade 4.

some helmets are not sensitive enough to detect the light wavelength of a tig inverter welder.

the arc on some tig inverters is so smooth that it causes problems with cheap auto darkening helmets.

either switch to a standard lens helmet or get a helmet designed for use with tig inverters and for low amperage tig.

miller digital elite
jackson nexgen
speedglas 9002X

are some examples of helmets that are designed for tig inverters and low amperage tig welding

thanks for the post..

anyone else want to chime in?

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