tig brazing brass valves

by Tony

braze vs weld

braze vs weld

I feel that I'm really offroading here because I get lots of "You're doing what?" on the phone. I am using a Hobart Arcmaster 5000 and a Jetline head positioner to braze these fittings.

You can look at the picture to see that it's obvious which the customer would prefer (the pen cap is for scale). Since I'm very much self-taught at this process, I was wondering if someone could give me a little advice. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I'm looking to get the tallest and widest arc possible to give myself a bigger target to hit with the fed wire. I'm using 3/32 thoriated tungsten with a 65/35 argon/helium mix. Heat is an issue because there are plastic bits inside of the fitting.



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