TIG cert test

by Eric
(Blue Ridge, GA)

Hi, love this site already.

I've got about 4 yrs of MIGing low-alloy and mild steel under my belt, and just started a job with a company TIGing stainless, 304 and 316 mainly.

I have 1 day of experience with a TIG, and I'm getting the hang of it fairly well.

I'll need to get certified in time though, and while I'm being taught quite well on the job, is there any way of finding out what the cert test will consist of?

Thanks for your help.



if you will be certifying with your current company, you should ask them what test they require.

if you are thinking you just want to be certified for future work, you might check with the closest
aws accredited test facility (atf)
I think in your case, the closest might be Gwinnett TEch,

copy and paste this in your browser for a list of aws test facilities.


Call and ask what your options are for a tig test.
you may be able to specify what tig test you want, just to be able to claim you are certified.

Each employer usually has their own requirements and will often test you again regardless of previous certs....but often, a cert will get your foot in the door.

There is no real way of knowing what welding test you will need for your next job.



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