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Propping on hot aluminum 5f tube to plate weld

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Fill pass on 2g pipe weld

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3G weld cover pass Freehand with TIG finger

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@ChevyConQueso  • 5 days ago

I can't remember when I bought my Tig Fingers, but they're one of the most useful accessories I ever bought. They've been a lifesaver on TIG, but they're also really nice to have for those long runs with MIG. They make great practical gifts as well.


 • 8 days ago

Should add a picture of a burnt up thick leather glove or something. I praise the Tig Finger xl and I would have a tough time welding aluminum pipe/tube without it,  me and my knuckles thank you.


9 years ago

I bought a Tig Finger after watching several videos of Jody. I normally wouldn't post comments, but it does work! No more screaming hot fingers to finish a bead. Everyone at my shop now has one in their pocket. Thanks Jody.  -Mike

My employer bought knock offs after seeing mine, and those ones didn't last the month! Mines still kicking! 🔥


7 years ago

Tig Finger by far one of the best things I've used in my welding career. You can use it for every process, any metal type and all around saves your finger from being burned while freehanding. I recommend a lot of friends to try it and their skills have improved as well as mine. Jody you the man, thank you for all the tips you've given everyone. It's been a very good tool before I take a welding test, just pull out the phone and look up a video on the and bam, I've got a job. So once again thank you for the well designed products and the mentioning of the Ck stubby kits. They've all help me and a lot of viewers out. So thank you Jody, much appreciated!

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3f lap tig finger

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9 years ago

Dear Jody, thank you so much for your tig finger invention, it really helps keep my fingers from being smoking hot. I really enjoy your videos and find them to be very educational, helpful, and useful. Please continue to post videos to help not just me as a welder but for all welders that are subscribed to your channel who need help getting to that next level as a welder again I say thanks! 


9 years ago

Im a welding instructor at Paris Junior College in Paris Texas, the tig finger really keeps the heat off your fingers, and makes teaching GTAW way easier. The students believe using the tig finger is the only way to go! Thanks for a great and useful product!

tig finger xl on red hot metal

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9 years ago

I just returned from a two week TIG class at Hobart Institute of Welding. There were a couple of us in the class that had a TIG finger. It didn't take long for many of the guys to start asking about it and wanting to borrow it. There were a few situations that it prevented the fingers from cooking and I was glad I had it. This was the general TIG class where we went over steel, SS, and aluminum. Great class.


9 years ago

Just started TIG welding 7 weeks ago, bought a TIG finger and now  I wouldn't be without it! Invaluable piece of kit for free handing and way better than cutting fingers out of old gloves!!!


9 years ago

I have watched all of Jody's videos. They are very informative and I have used them to develop my technique as I have had no formal training. The only thing I have found to be more valuable than the instructional video is the TIG Finger.....I couldn't imagine welding without it when I need to prop close to the work. Thanks Jody for all that you do.


9 years ago

Jody, I weld for DOD and have 3 tig fingers. One for nuclear tig work, one for structural tig, and another for stick welding, absolutely love them, especially for long vertical joints, light up, tight arc and just slide your hand up. Great product, enjoy your videos!


9 years ago

I use a TIG finger all the time. bought a few of them, and don't know how i ever got by without one. Thanks for the videos


9 years ago

Just graduated from wiregrass ga tech for welding and joining technology and when I took the TIG portion of the course I used the TIGfinger quite often. It saves a lot of trouble and really comes in handy on those tricky free hand welds. 


7 years ago

I just bought my TIG finger and it helps me with my positioning while not burning my fingers. I'm doing a similar qualification test at work with 40mm diameter tube and 3mm thick in 6G. I have a hard time walking the cup on smaller tubes so the TIG finger really helps me explore positioning methods. Definitely an excellent purchase, and thanks for the videos!


9 years ago

I'm a pipefitter/welder. I love my TIG finger. I use it on my pinky to prop when I stick weld as well as free handing on smaller TIG pipe joints. Thanks Jody!


5 years ago

Tig finger has helped me alot, But watching your videos has taught me to use it as more of a shield and something i can hide my other fingers behind rather than just using it to protect one finger that im uncomfortably balancing my torch hand on. Thanks!


5 years ago

Currently on my last (4th) semester of Welding and I absolutely love using the tig finger. Like you said walking the cup on 2" is tough and I prefer to free hand (less chance of me slipping and dipping, since I`m still a noob) which I am able to do with the tig finger. Love your vids, they have been very helpful, thank you for everything you do


9 years ago

I have a TIG Finger and I love it. I am a hobby welder, but I think a pro would benefit even more from it. I like the way it slides along the metal while I am making a weld and I never have to jump off my prop because I can't take the heat. Get yourself one, it will make you a better welder, besides, it is the least you can do for some of Jodie's great welding tips! Thanks Jodie!


9 years ago

Love your videos Jody!!! I have a tig finger that I use daily on the job. I work in a machine shop that rebuilds forgings and castings for steel mills and I often have to "patch" IE repair a defective area in a job, this could be any position, in a large bore, small bore, and usually I run hot, 200 amps. The tig finger does a great job of shielding the heat off my right index finger. Best small investment in my tool box.


9 years ago

The TIG Finger is the best thing I've ever bought. It seriously helps in so many situations; whether it be a 6G test, or a flat square-groove with a backpurge, or whatever you may be welding. Definitely recommend it. Thanks Jody! :)


9 years ago

Hey Jody, I bought 2 tig fingers (1 for me and one for my son). My son welds Semi-tankers from the wheels up... Most are stainless steel, (food grade). He tried the finger for a while but was never comfortable with it as he has to do a lot of out-of-position welds "INSIDE" the tanks. As for me; it's a mixed bag... one job it's great, another one it's in the way... but I've had some jobs where I could have used 3 fingers, all-in-all it was a blessing on many of those super hot jobs


9 years ago

I have bought a few tig fingers now, and am going to have to order some more again soon! They work spot on, but once in awhile I will hangout too long in the heat and cook one of them, hence the need for more! 

Thanks Jody for the awesome videos! Being a welder is definitely a fun and rewarding career, and your videos are spot on for how welds SHOULD be!

-Sean Read more


9 years ago

My tig fingers have helped me through all my weld tests in school and recently helped me get a great paying job doing shut downs at power plants.


9 years ago

TIG finger is one of those must-have tools, IMO. I have several and just got a double-wide. Thanks, Jody.


9 years ago

The TIG finger is one of the best welding accessories I've ever used. For the one summer job I had it allowed me to be more productive than any other welder that company had before, thus earning immense respect from them. So if you're interested, buy a TIG finger and see for yourself!!


9 years ago

I love my TIG finger Jody! I may occasionally drop it when I am getting ready to grind something only to find it has the tread-print of my Redwings on it, but she dusts of easily and is a tough little sucker. I have modified it to fit my "hand-model" fingers by snipping off a tip-less finger from an old pair of work gloves because I TIG with old-school split deerskin gloves that are extra snug. So, not only do I NEED the TIG finger to make anything more than a tack comfortably, it is also very easy for me to slip my modified "TF" onto any finger.

Thanks so much for the great videos Jody, I must say I've missed them this past week or so. With Mom in the hospital I've used your videos, and the others I enjoy, to mentally sooth myself. I would allow myself to zone out from reality without having to suit up and make my own "Good time with some Hood time".

I also found that blinking back tears makes for a foggy set of safety glasses, LOL! Hug the ones you love everybody, you just never know when they will slip away...Aloha, Chuck.Read more


9 years ago

I've been using the "tig finger" for 3 years now both in production welding and in my own projects. They work awesome! I would say they are a must have when tig welding aluminum. 


6 years ago

I love the tig finger, it is a super awesome thing to have. I have 2 6g pipe tests tomorrow one is a 2 inch and the other is a 6 inch. I'm super happy I have it in my arsenal.


9 years ago

Love the TIG finger!! I was taking tig lessons a couple months ago and I personally can't imagine how to properly weld vertical uphill without it or getting burned.


9 years ago

The TIG finger is a wicked piece of equipment. I'm currently doing my WTIA Cert 7 and it certainly makes life easy


9 years ago

Get you a tig finger! Buy the pack. It's the only way to go. It takes many many months to wear one out. It's nice cuz you can put them around your work area and always have one in reaching distance! 

Jody, thank you for another great video. I heard you make a comment about you once did boiler work in another video. I understand that R-Stamp repair and alteration work is a review of quality control, documentation, and compliance. But can you shed some light on R-Stamp welding, the process, and your experience with it in a video? 

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9 years ago

Hi Jody,

got a TIG finger recently, I don't do lot's of pipe or tubes but on corners or flat stuff it's great help, I just don't feel the heat that I would normally  get thru mi glove.

Just like you say highly recommended...!

P.S. They last and last.



9 years ago

I bought a 3 pack and I love it cant wait to get the xl tig finger as well always use it for tight spots even when walking the cup just in case wish I could see them in my local welding stores


9 years ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE my TIG FINGER. I work at a fab shop doing intricate small welding to larger pipe. I couldn't be happier with my TIG FINGER. I suggest it to anyone I come across who tigs. It holds up really well too. I have a few just to have backups but the first is still going strong. Love that bad boy.


8 years ago

I love the TIG Finger! It definitely comes in handy, especially when free-handing pipe. Thanks for the great and informative videos!


9 years ago

my class mates and I all bought Tig fingers and they are perfect, tig welded 6g pipe, tig welded 3/8 plate tests, stick welding, tig welding, even mig welding in any position where you need a little more stability and to stay away from the heat, my personal opinion....every welder should have one


7 years ago

I purchased my tig finger last week and man does it make a difference. i highly recommended.

before the tig finger i would use and old broken cup and taped it to my index finger lol. it was a hassle so i just purchased one.


9 years ago

I love the Tig finger, didn't know how handy this would be, worth it's weight in gold.

I have used this product for three years and put it to the limit. I bought three and still haven't worn out the first one.  I would recommend this product to everyone in the industry pro or weekend warrior! 


6 years ago

Tig finger is a game changer for me. This is a great product. Even with a direct flame 

 it will not shrink burn or melt.


8 years ago

I use to cut the fingers out of my old stick welding gloves, a friend gave me a tig finger now I'm hooked.Thanks Mister Jodie.


9 years ago

Whether I'm using a TIG torch or  MIG/Flux Core, I use your TIG finger. Tight spots and conductive material can ruin gloves and knuckles. Love mine. Thanks for your videos as well.


9 years ago

Love the TIG finger! I bought one small and one large, I should have bought 2 of each. I use them all the time. They will make great stocking gives for the welders in the family this Christmas.


9 years ago

I use a TIG Finger every day.  It's saved a lot of fingers and lot of projects as well.  I use it for every kind of welding (TIG or not) where I might need to prop and eliminate the need to rush through things.  I wear a TIG finger out every couple of months and I'm very lucky to know of a good source for new ones. I've even taped a TIG finger inside the elbow of my welding jacket to make a nice prop while stick welding.


5 years ago

Tig finger Xl is awesome. Was having trouble getting my roots walking the cup so now i freehand and it comes out perfect. Without the tig finger you have to wait till that pipe is damg near room temp to get a good long pass.


9 years ago

Bought a couple of TIG fingers to weld up a battery frame on an electric motorcycle. They are absolute lifesavers. Bunch of awkward angles on 1" Al box section, and it gets hot quick. Took the bike to the TT zero at the Isle of man, and our team placed third. The welds held, so I guess I didn't screw it up too much :)


9 years ago

The Tig Finger Is invaluable when I weld aluminum deck plate.The tig finger allows me to keep welding whereas before having the tig finger, I had to stop welding frequently. No welder should be without one.And I keep a spare on hand.Thank Jody


9 years ago

I bought a tig finger two years ago and I still love it to this day and I use it every day at work. 


9 years ago

Love my tig finger a must have for any type of welding. Anyways is a tig all the way out a good thing to learn for boilermaker test? I'm thinking on joining once I get a 6g cert


9 years ago

I have 2 tig fingers! Best money spent! I'm a boilermaker. I use them all the time! Thanks Jody!


9 years ago

I got two Tig fingers thinking that I would only need one. Boy was I wrong I have the first one frayed out, beat up and damn near black already but it still works. I have even put both of them on when I am welding Al- pipe. Jody is the best!!!!


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