Tips for using a Tig Finger Heat Shield

A Tig Finger HeatShield works.

How often can you say that about anything?

We have all heard the phrase "New and Improved" once too often.

But this thing is the real deal.

A Tig Finger is made from extremely heat resistant material and is designed to utilize several layers of heat resistant material to protect your finger from scorching hot metal.

So instead of propping on a ball of duct tape, a wood block, or a scrap leather glove, just put on a Tig Finger and prop wherever you like.

stainless tubing, aluminum tubing, 6g pipe welding tests, aluminum tubing for tuna towers, boat props, handrails, stainless sheet metal, ...are all good jobs for the Tig finger.

Anyone who has ever Tig welded Aluminum knows how hot it gets. Its hard to prop without burning your fingers.

A tig finger lets you prop anywhere.

Some more welding jobs where a tig finger comes in handy are....

injection mold repair where a preheat is required.

aluminum castings like transmission housings

stainless steel boat props

marine tubing


wrought iron

welding sculpture

bronze castings

copper alloys

small bore stainless pipe....

any tig welding job that poses problems on where and how to prop and steady your hand.

A Steady Hand Welds Better....
click below to learn about the Tig Finger

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tig finger
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