TIG Finger®...a steady hand welds better

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They say the ABCs of Welding are...


Sometimes there are ways to prop on something...

other times you just have to prop close to the weld.

Its hard to stay comfortable when your knuckles are screaming at you to stop.

Hanging in there longer usually means blisters. (Ask me how I know)

Don't get me wrong. I dont always wear a TIG finger for every job.

But it really is like having a Prop right in back pocket and when you need it...you have it.

It's not just the heat resistance that makes it so useful either.

A lot of really talented welders have found it to be a really smooth glide too....especially on aluminum and stainless jobs.

For TIG welding aluminum tubing, sanitary stainless, 4130 chromoly, aluminum expansion tanks, 6G pipe tests, Boiler tubes, small bore pipe, aluminum dog boxes, automotive cold air intakes, fuel cells, anodized aluminum tuna towers, preheated castings, and any other job that gets really hot right where you need to prop...

The TIG Finger and TIG finger XL both make a huge difference.

But Don't take my word for it...See what other happy customers are saying

TIG Finger is great! Pete H. on Dec 24, 2020

"It's absolutely helped me with some difficult position welds using a button rig and maintaining torch position without cooking my hands. I won't go out to weld without having one in my bag now. There are several ways to use it , some of which you'll see in Jody'
s videos"

"Pretty Simple... but effective" Perry C. on Jan 13, 2021

"This little thing allows you to work in the most comfortable position, or maybe the only position available and not burn yourself or cook and dry out your gloves. Pretty simple, I know, but it does the job without much thought and allows you to think about your job and not the pain associated with it"

Great tool! John D. on May 02, 2021 " This is my third one. One I bought for my son and, two for me because I lost my first one. It’s a great product and, once you use it, you’ll wonder how you did without it."

Slick as snot! Mark l. on Feb 18, 2021

"This thing is like ASTROGLIDE no friction just slides. I will not be welding without this beauty!"

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