Tig Flame is Blinding???

Hi Jody my name is Marlon 1st off thanks for an incredible Website it has done this Noob wonders!!!! Now for my issue I have been learning with the help of your site to tig weld I started using a Dragster 85 and now recently have acquired a very old Hobart 300 AC/DC unit w/watercooled 250amp 20 series Torch, everything had been great for about 3 weeks or so then all of a sudden my flame went from a nice easy to see Orange/Blue to a Lightning Strike White. Its blinding to say the least I've tried different Tungstens and Cups with no better results. The only thing I haven't tried is a Fresh bottle of Argon. when the problem started my argon level was just below 40% but I have never had this problem before this is my 3rd bottle of argon with this machine, any thoughts???? Thanks in advance


It could be your argon, it could be you are on reverse polarity, and it could be that your auto dark helmet is not darkening properly.

if your tungsten is not staying shiny silver, you might look at the argon.

check polarity and also check to ensure your leads are hooked up properly...you should be able to tell immediately if the polarity is wrong because a sharpened tip will ball up.

if your helmet is not functioning you should be able to determine that pretty quickly with a few strikes while paying close attention.

a torch lighter is a good way to check it.



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