TIG Gas Lens vs Collet Body and Which Gas lens you need for your TIG torch

Wouldn't you like to be sure which TIG gas lens you need to fit your tig torch?

I'm going to try to boil it down for you.

A TIG Gas Lens setup for a 9-20 style torch looks like this

shown above is a tig gas lens setup for a 9/20 style tig torch.

This setup uses a wedge collet instead of a split collet and the reason for the red o rings are to allow use of a clear furick cup.

notice the fine stainless mesh diffuser screen in the front of the cup.

Instead of sideways port holes a gas lens has several layers of fine mesh screen to diffuse the argon and provide a smooth column of shielding gas to the molten puddle.

On some metals, while using a very short electrode stickout , you might not notice much difference but between a standard collet body or a gas lens.

but once the electrode extension gets to a certain point, you definitely notice a big difference.

Gas lenses can push a smooth column of shielding gas much farther than a standard collet body.

A standard collet body for a 17,18,26, or ck 3 series torch is almost 2 inches long.  There are no diffuser screens ...only port holes to allow the argon to flow sideways and then out the end of the tig cup.

If your collet body looks like the one above  your tig torch is  a 17, 18, 26 style tig torch

gas lens kit for 17, 18, 26, and ck 3 series TIG torches

shown above is a Large diameter tig gas lens kit for 17, 18, 26, and ck 3 series tig torches. with #6, #8, #10, and #12 cups.

This Large diameter tig gas lens kit is great for sanitary stainless and other pipe welding and especially for "walking the cup" on both stainless and carbon steel.

What is a Stubby Gas Lens kit

If you have a 17,18,26, or ck 3 series tig torch and wish it was a bit smaller, then you will love our new and improved weldmonger® stubby gas lens kit.

A stubby gas lens kit lets you use the same gas lens cups that work on smaller 9 and 20 style torches...but the collets and gas lenses are strictly for 17, 18, 26, and ck 3 series torches,

Our Weldmonger® new and improved stubby gas lens kit comes with #4 thru #8 cups now and we also swapped out the 3/32" gas lens with a furick stubby gas lens with o ring groove so that you can use the Furick clear cups without needing to buy the furick adapter kit.

The Stubby Gas Lens kit is just the beginning

With the furick gas lens included in the stubby kit, you will be able to use all the Furick cups ...both clear and ceramic #8 and above.

The Jazzy 10 ceramic works great with the stubby kit and can really help on 4130 and stainless steel.

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