Comparing Tig Settings using Miller Dynasty 200dx, Lincoln Invertec v205t, and Everlast 210 ext

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Tig Settings can be confusing if you dont understand what each function does.

You have settings like 2t and 4t, upslope - downslope, ac balance, ac frequency... and even gas flow settings like pre flow and post flow.

If you dont understand what each one does, how can you set them right?

This weeks video compares "quick start settings"

The Miller Dynasty 200 DX and the Lincoln Invertec V205t are 2 small inverter tig welders in the 200 amp range and both have recommended "quick start" tig settings for welders who just want a good place to start.

But today, we also have a newcomer to compare to make things more interesting. Its the Everlast 210 ext and I have been doing some field testing with this little unit.

The Everlast 210 ext has about the same amperage rating as the Miller and Lincoln and comes with similar features.

Remember in last weeks video, I tried to explain AC balance. I recommended starting with a setting of 65 on AC balance and a setting of 100 hz for AC frequency.

Well it turns out the Lincoln and Miller both agree that those are sweet spot settings that work well on general welding tasks.

They both even have "quick start" recommended tig welder settings for those people who wanna just get started without studying and learning each tig setting control.

So today, I am comparing those quick start settings on each of these 3 machines...the Miller Dynasty 200dx, the Lincoln Invertec v205t, and the Everlast 210 ext.

All were set at around 130 amps, 65 on ac balance and 100 hz on ac frequency. ( the Everlast unit displays the equivalent of 65% electrode neg as -15)

Using 1/8" .125" thick (3mm) 6061 t6 aluminum flat bar, I tacked up 3 outside corner joints and welded them with all three machines using the same settings.

Guess what? All 3 welded good. I would be happy to get any one of these for Fathers day.

You listening Baby Doll? ( thats my wife)

In future videos, I will go over the settings and different applications where you might want to use higher frequencies, higher ac balance, etc.

Also, I will get into that Lincoln v205t a bit deeper.

I just tried to keep this one pretty short just to kick things off.

more videos on tig settings and more welding tips

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