TIG Torch 17 is a 150 amp Air cooled tig torch

tig torch 17

If you are looking to replace your air cooled tig torch 17 style torch, you need to know a few things so that you can make a good decision on the best torch for the type of jobs you do.

The letters and numbers added to "TIG torch 17" mean something.

for example, an F after 17 usually indicates flex head...and a V usually indicates the torch has a valve.

So a 17fv indicates a 17 torch with both a flex head and a valve.

It's important to know these details when ordering a tig torch.

A valve on a tig torch is primarily for scratch start or lift arc tig welding where the machine does not have a solenoid valve inside the machine that controls argon flow.

Valve tig torches can be used with any tig welding machine but the valve is not necessary with a machine that has a solenoid and foot pedal or torch amp control...and the valve just might just get in your way if you don't need it.

How hot can I run with a 17 style air cooled tig torch?

A 17 style air cooled tig torch is rated at 150 amps but can weld at higher amps for brief periods.

You will know when you push a 17 tig torch too hard because it will get too hot to hold.

What is a 26 style tig torch?

26 style tig torch

A 26 style tig torch is rated at 200 amps.

CK makes a trimline 26 tig torch that is pretty much the same size as a tig torch 17 style but can weld at 200 amps for extended periods.

Using a trimline 26 from CK helps you get the most out of your 200 amp tig welder.

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