TIG torch Consumables

TIG torch consumables include, ceramic tig cups, collets, collet bodies, gas lens bodies, end caps, tungsten, and more.

The problem in looking for tig torch consumables that fit your torch is...

tig torch consumables have part numbers that don't necessarily make any sense to anyone but the original manufacturer.

for example, how many people know that a 45v44 is a 3/32" gas lens collet body for 9 and 20 style torches?

a 45v43 is a 1/16" gas lens and a 45v45 is a 1/8"

do any of these part numbers make sense to you?  me neither.

That's why we put together kits that have the right parts that you can be sure fit your torch.

All you need to know is what style torch you have.

Here is a video that should help...

Just take a look at your tig torch collet body and if  your collets look like these, then you have a 17,18,26 style torch also known as 3 series

Once you know what style torch you have, its pretty easy to get the right tig torch consumables because we have ready made kits for your torch at weldmonger.com

For example, this stubby gas lens kit is made specifically for 17,18,26 style tig torches

If your torch has small collet bodies like these, then you have a 9 or 20 style also known as 2 series

This weldmonger gas lens kit is made for 9/20 style tig torches

Simply knowing for sure what style tig torch you have lets you buy tig torch consumables with confidence they will fit your torch.

The Arsenal kit below is designed to fit 17,18,26 style torches

..includes #4-8 ceramic cups, along with a clear 8, a jazzy 10 ceramic, and furick 12 ceramic, and a BBW glass cup, along with 3/32" hardware and tungten

The Arsenal kit below is designed to fit 9/20 style TIG torches

We have several more tig accessory kits both small and large right here at weldmonger.com

If you need individual parts, we have those too and here is a diagram to help you order

Tungsten Electrodes

Another tig torch consumable is tungsten.

I recommend 2% lanthanated as the single best all around for AC and DC if you are into keeping things simple.

IF you weld mostly Steels,  and only occasionally weld aluminum with AC, then 2% ceriated will work well for that.

There is not one single tungsten that works best for very application.

Only tungsten that works best for a particular application.

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