TIG torch Cup & Kits that make sure everything fits your torch

When I first learned to tig weld, every tig torch cup was ceramic and pink.

Things are different now.

In addition to old school ceramic cups that fit standard collet bodies, there cups for gas lens collet bodies, clear cups, high temp thermoplastic cups, and more.

There are some cups that work good on a wide range of metals and applications and some cups have very specific applications.

For example, Aluminum and Titanium are very different metals with different gas shielding needs.

So, you need a different tig torch cup for welding titanium than you do for aluminum.

Are you still tig welding with the tig torch cup kit that came with your machine?

If you are still welding with the standard tig cups that came with your tig welding machine or torch, you are not getting the best results possible.

Especially on stainless steel and chromoly.

I think the best bang for the buck for upgrading your tig torch cups is a Weldmonger Stubby Gas lens kit

The New and improved version of our Weldmonger® stubby gas lens kit includes a 3/32" furick gas lens with o ring groove that lets you use other furick clear cups like the 8 pro cup.

Simply remove the o ring and it also fits furick ceramic cups like the jazzy 10 and furick 12 ceramic cups.

Both the jazzy 10 and furick 12 ceramic cups are game changers on stainless and 4130 chromoly.

But dont take my word, go here and read the reviews for our stubby gas lens kit

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