Looking for a TIG Torch Gas Lens? A kit with collets, and different size cups might be way more handy

A TIG torch gas lens usually gives better results than standard collet bodies.

But first you need to be absolutely sure what style tig torch you have so that you get the correct gas lens.

If you have an air cooled tig torch, chances are its a 17 style because that is the most common tig torch that comes with a 200 amp and under machine.

But here is a detailed video to help you identify your tig torch just in case.

Video Showing TIG Torch Gas lens and How to ID your tig torch.

The easiest and quickest way to identify your tig torch is to take a quick look at the collet and collet body.

If your Collet body is almost 2 inches long, then you have a 17,18,26 style tig torch.

...and if your collet body is slightly less than 1 inch long, then you have a 9 or 20 style torch.

Collet Body vs Gas lens on Stainless Steel lap joint

The Short video below shows tig welding a stainless steel lap joint using a #8 standard collet body, then a #8 gas stubby gas lens, then a jazzy 10 ceramic cup with secondary diffuser screens.

Stickout, amps, and argon flow rate were the same for each weld section.

Standard cups with standard collet bodies work OK with short tungsten stickout but sometimes you really need to extend the tungsten to reach a weld.

When Stainless steels and a lot of other alloys get oxidation in the weld puddle, the puddle gets sluggish and does not flow easily.

That makes for a grey weld that might even lose it's stainless properties.

The #8 stubby gas lens did much better.

And the #10 cup with secondary diffuser screens did even better making a very clean weld with very little discoloration.

Discoloration on a carbon steel weld might not be a problem.

But excessive discoloration on a stainless weld can compromise the stainless properties.

A tig torch gas lens kit can help.

The very first upgrade I recommend for an air cooled 17 style tig torch is our Weldmonger Stubby gas lens kit

This kit comes with #4 thru #8 cups and also has a 3/32" furick gas lens with O-ring groove that lets you use clear cups and other furick gas lens cups.

If you weld a lot of stainless, 4130 chromoly, or titanium, then a Weldmonger Furick Arsenal Kit is a game changer

Arsenal kits for 9/20 torches

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